Sunday, 16 January 2011

sorting out the garden for 2011

i never made it to the allotment i decided to give the garden at home some attention. being a new garden to me and the fact that it was totally over grown when we moved in i have spent i lot of time digging up and clearing away the old trees and shrubs. i have also been laying new paths and creating new borders but there is still lots to do. i made a start putting the wooden edging in down the drive against the new border i have made. there has also been a big pile of top soil in the middle of the garden since i dug out the area for the patio tho it didn't make the girls happy as they have been using at as a ramp for their bikes but it has to go. i am using it to fill in the bed down the drive 20 or so barrow fulls later it was lunch during lunch i got side tracked and decided to make some bread to go with dinner tonight. so no more barrowing today which is probably a good thing as my back was still feeling the last 20 barrow fulls. hopefully next weekend Will be as good as this one and ill be able to crack on with a bit more work it won't be long now until the nights get longer and il be able to do a bit after work.


  1. Mmm Homemade Bread, Never told us about that. you know we love our food, perhaps bring a loaf to go with the "Chip Shop Friday" routine ? :-)

  2. thanks william let me know in advance and i will bake one for it


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