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The Asparagus some would say it is the king of the vegetables you really have to like this veg to grow it. As it takes 3 years from sowing to get your first crop or two years if buying in crowns. Even then you will only get a small crop until about year five. its a permanent crop that needs a bit of room not suitable if you have a small veg garden although i have seen it growing in the flower border as it has lovely ferny foliage which is much sort after by florists.

sow seeds indoors march - April in plug trays one seed to each cell they are slow germinate rs so you have to be a bit patient. when germinated you will get a single grass like plant when large enough and the plugs are full of root plant out in a well prepared seed bed 6" (15cm) apart and grow on for another year. the following February - march the crowns will be big enough to dig up and move to there permanent growing position.

if you opt for buying in crowns instead of growing from seed or you have just dug up your own one year old crowns. the first decision you need to make is where you are going to site your asparagus bed. it can remain productive for 15 - 20 years this also means that you need to prepare the soil very well as it is the last time it will be dug for a few years. incorporate large amounts of compost or well rotted manure in to the soil as you dig also apply some blood, fish and bone.

once the ground is prepared dig out trench 24cm (8") deep and 30cm(12") wide. the base of the trench should be on a curve so the crown sits on the top. spacing 48cm
(20") apart and 90cm (3') between the rows once the crown's have been place in the trench back fill with 6cm (2") of soil. as they grow back fill the soil bit by bit until you are back to the original soil level. as they crow keep weeded and watered in autumn cut back fronds to 6cm (2") folk over soil around crowns apply blood fish and bone how in and mulch with a layer of compost or well rotted manure. when mature and cropping in year three pick lightly to start with for a year of two until early June and then leave the rest to grow on in in to fronds this puts the energy back in to the crowns and gets them to grow bigger and stronger year on year. if looked after well it will crop well for many years.


  1. Haven't I read this one?
    I was waiting for B lol

  2. Great post Hort!! Especially as i have 30 crowns on the way, and i was only thinking about preparing the bed the other day. Thanks for the good advice!!

  3. Good post, I'd love to have room to dedicate to an asparagus bed.

  4. darren,
    should have said there may be more than one veg per letter aubergines next week then on to the b's

    thats a big bed you are planting up but you do need a few plants to get a decent amount to eat

    im the same love the stuff just no room to grow it

  5. I have a bed earmarked for asparagus. I have never grown it and was about to research how to. Now I know. Thank you for a wonderful and informative post.

  6. Greetings from Southern California

    I added myself to follow you. I invite you to visit my blog and follow me if you want too.

    God bless you :-)


  7. I dug up half my asparagus bed by mistake last year when I decided to have a digging spree. Thought they were deformed dandelion roots, have marked the rest of the bed with sticks so I don't dig up the rest. I love asparagus with a boiled egg for breakfast!


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